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Don't ever underestimate how drunk I am.
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sam angel devil
hey guys. finally, I made some icons again.
Enjoy them :)

12 x Jessica Stroup (Shoots, Events)

15 x Samantha Who? (Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito, Jean Smart)


more under the cut.

>>Its like a surprise party... every single day.Collapse )
Please credit if you use. and comments would be always nice (:
neck porn
hey guys. long time no talk, huh?
so here I am, once again, with a new obsession: GLEE. this show is beyond awesome.
The music a-m-a-z-i-n-g. and the characters.. oh lord.. sue cracks me up everytime (I guess I found my new hero lol), and so does sandy *rofl* Its brilliant, I recommend you to watch it! :P
I wish I could write more atm, but its pretty late here and I need ty go to bed... have to working tomorrow (3days left *yay*)
Maybe I will upload some icons later.

If you're a fan of Glee too, pls take a minute to vote for it at the People's Choice Awards!! www.peopleschoice.com/pca/votenow.jsp
neck porn
Today I bought 2 DVDs: Miss Congeniality and Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie ... just needed my Sandra Bullock and Christina Applegate fix <3. Tomorrow I gotta go working again. I can tell you I'm not really thrilled about  that, but A man's got to do what a man's got to do lol
Anyway i opened a new fansite today: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Central  I hope you stop by and leave a comment ;D

Thats it, I guess nuthin special happened today.... wait... hold on! its 0.01 am here......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sakura_memories  !!!! <3
neck porn
hey guys.  sakura_memories sakura_memoriespushed me to start blogging. so here we are...
guess you've noticed that i made a new layout feat. justin "the man" timberlake. im so in love with his "justified" album. cant stop listen to rock your body (ohh.. good old memories). anyway.. i got a new job. im fine with it, not too excited about that. its probably the same kind of work as i did before (which i didnt want to do again *lol*) ... but im loving the fact that i dont need to work at the weekend. yay.

i recently start watching the 5th season of grey's anatomy <3 ... stupid me... i really wanted to live spoiler-free and watch the german episodes on tv... but today, i couldnt longer resist. i saw so many pictures of upcoming episodes and the season-finale...soi started watchin the US-episodes. and let me tell you this: OMG!!!! I'M DYING!!!! *heart attack* ... overdramatic? nope. if you have watched the episodes, you know what i'm talking about.  this whole izzie-cancer/denny-ghost thing is waaay too much for me. i'm a hardcore Izzie/Denny-fan... but dennys return to the show (he died in the second season *lol*) is so bittersweet. tv's greatest couple reunited...just to show that izzie is sick... a lot of emotional stuff is going on there... i dont want to give too much away.. you should really watch this season.. its emmy-worthy.. and im 100% sure that Katherine Heigl will win this years emmy... no doubt.
ok thats enough... im kinda pissed off atm. so i hope ya havin a great weekend ?!

04 28 09 - ICON ALERT !
jensen spn ani
hey guys. i made some jess and heath icons. omg... i love them both so much <3
hope you like them!

20 x Jessica Stroup
(Shoots, Events)
25 x Heath Ledger (Joker, BBM, Candy, Events, Shoots)


more under the cut.

>>Life is a drag.Collapse )
Please credit if you use. and comments would be always nice (:
neck porn
Hey. Hoffe ihr hattet alle schöne Ostern :) Das Wetter momentan ist ja bombig!
Ich weiß gar nicht so recht was ich grad schreiben soll, aber ich habe gerade das Bedürfnis irgendetwas im El Jay zu posten.
War Do- So morgens in Amsterdam für einen spontanen Kurztrip mit Freunden gewesen. Diesmal konnte ich Amsterdam wesentlich mehr genießen, da ich anständig geblieben bin ;) So- Di war ich denn bei meiner Mum gewesen. War alles total relaxed. Außerdem war es auch mal wieder schön in Barth zu sein. Auch wenn mich das Jambolaya bestimmt so schnell nicht wiedersehen will *muaha*
Die Woche fing ziemlich stressig an: Arbeit, Behördengänge, Friseur, Passbilder und jede Menge krimskrams. Naja, muss mich ja eh etwas ranhalten.
achso... eine Nachricht die mich ja total umgehauen hat: SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR IST SCHWANGER !
Das hat mich ja echt umgehauen.. echt. Gosh, freue mich ja total für sie, obwohls mich schon geschockt hat (so war das aber nicht mit mir vereinbart *rofl*) Anyway... bin echt total happy für sie :D

Notiz an LJ-Team: LJ braucht UMGEHEND Smileys! *moral

04 01 09 - Life Is A Drag
neck porn
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just finished watching the new 90210-episode "life is a drag". OMG... thats all i can say. Silver is goin crazy!  Im in shock. Hope everythings goin to be fine. But im kinda scared of her now *lol* LUV HER ANYWAY ;D Jessica Stroup is such a brilliant actress <3
Maybe you noticed that i made a new lay feat. my new crush Jessica Stroup. Hope ya like it.

03 10 09 - Schreibhemmung
neck porn
What celebrity do you think looks like you? What celebrity do other people say you look like?

Well I heard that I look like Shia Labeouf and James Franco. Hmm. not that bad i guess, but i would say (with black hair) i kinda look like Freddie Prinze Jr (from the 90s, not now lol).
neck porn
hey guys. its really about time for some icons :D

4 x Lady GaGa
4 x Eliza Dushku
8 x Christina Applegate
4 x Josh Duhamel
7 x Heath Ledger
8 x Christina Milian
1 x Alesha Dixon


heath eliza christina milian

... and that's what makes my life so fucking fantasticCollapse )

Please credit if you use. and comments would be always nice :)
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