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Don't ever underestimate how drunk I am.
Life Is A Drag 
04 01 09
neck porn
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just finished watching the new 90210-episode "life is a drag". OMG... thats all i can say. Silver is goin crazy!  Im in shock. Hope everythings goin to be fine. But im kinda scared of her now *lol* LUV HER ANYWAY ;D Jessica Stroup is such a brilliant actress <3
Maybe you noticed that i made a new lay feat. my new crush Jessica Stroup. Hope ya like it.

04 01 09 (UTC)
nice lay!!! and the episode...Im still in shock
04 01 09 (UTC)
Best post EVER. Amazing layout. HOT.

Ich gucke ja nicht the new 90210, daher kann ich nichts dazu sagen! *moral*
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